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The Social 'VIX' On Stocktwits - Unique Stock, Index and Market Social Sentiment Charts/Readings

Good morning.

I had my ass kicked in the high intensity workout yesterday at Sweat Circuit on Coronado and can barely type.

With the storm over, my trusted work partner Lindzee is next to my desk again at the home office in Coronado…

Yesterday, Stocktwits released the new version of sentiment that I call ‘The Social VIX’. This is a feature unique to Stocktwits and the community that I have wanted/asked for a long time.

The Stocktwits app has millions of daily users over the years that journal, chat, and banter about stocks, indexes and markets and we have always had this unique sets of insights that we are now turning inside out for any app user that is active or passive on the Stocktwits platform.

For years we have been gathering ‘bullish/bearish’ message data on tickers and now are turning that data inside out to provide ‘sentiment boxscores’ for thousands of tickers including the S&P, the Dow and The Nasdaq of course.

It is live on iOS and next web on the web and Android as well.

Here is what it looks like for iOS users (ticker view and ‘sentiment button’ view:

You can go back a year and match up sentiment to prices which is really important for context:

This is a major launch for Stocktwits and the investing community.

How will I use it?

Like the actual $VIX, I like to zig when others zag so when the $VIX is above 30 and panic has set in, I like to add my favorite stocks and indexes.

So when I see extreme fear and high message volume on Stocktwits - let’s say the $QQQ or $SPY stream - I will tend to be a buyer or more focused on adding to my portfolio.

Like any sentiment measure, it is just one data point and not something I use in a vacuum to make investing decisions.

Stocktwits has always been a place for investors that love stocks and love talking about stocks all day long. Now, every investor (retail and institutional) has a reason to check the Stocktwits app on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to track a unique slice of investor sentiment.

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