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  • The speculative economy and the future of markets with Jim O'Shaughnessy

The speculative economy and the future of markets with Jim O'Shaughnessy

Trends with Friends EP. 51

Today, we’re joined by Jim O'Shaughnessy: investor, VC, and Wall Street legend. Howard, Phil, JC, and Jim discuss the following:

  • AI in the stock market

  • How speculation has become a form of entertainment, fueled by free time and advancements in AI

  • Self-control in the face of technological advancements

  • Why parents and grandparents play a crucial role in guiding children and teenagers in navigating the digital world and managing their exposure to new technologies

  • How counting and paying attention to data and trends can provide valuable insights and help you make informed decisions

  • European financials and how they influence the dollar

Also, we realize Jim's audio isn't the greatest, so we put together a transcript of the episode here.

In This Episode, We Cover:

(00:00) Welcome
(04:12) Jim O'Shaughnessy's background and interest in AI
(05:49) AI in the stock market
(07:48) Market snapshot and trends with JC
(11:49) Jim’s market intuition
(14:19) The future of AI
(19:16) Nividia and IBM
(22:03) Why JC says to count
(23:20) Charts walkthrough with JC: German DAX, Polish Zloty, and more
(27:43) Divergence across the market
(29:50) The degenerate economy: DraftKings, the Super Bowl, and emerging tech
(32:14) The importance of controlling your interactions with technology
(35:52) The role of AI in the speculative economy
(38:19) Speculation as entertainment
(43:38) Advice for navigating new technology
(49:35) The role of parents and grandparents
(52:58) Counting, Biden tweets, and political speeches
(57:04) The Economist cover on China
(59:37) Anecdotes and negative sentiment
(01:01:28) Next week: the media trend

Big Thank You To Our Guest:

O'Shaughnessy Ventures: https://twitter.com/osventuresllc

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