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Staying In The Market ...and Some Hero's in Israel and Twitter Follows To Stay On Top Of The Tragedy

Track the performance of the S&P 500, but end up with more money from tax loss harvesting – for the same amount of effort and at a lower cost than robo-advisors. And the first three months are free. Seems too good to be true?

It’s called Frec Direct Indexing.

Good morning…

I saw this chart today that is a great reminder for anyone investing in stocks that the number 1 rule to being a great investor is to stay invested.

Last year I switched to mostly indexing $QQQ so I would at least force my self to stay invested as the market kept plunging. While it would be fantastic to avoid bear markets, doing so will most likely keep you out of the 50 best months and you NEED to be invested these months that truly make investing worth the risk.

With the launch of FREC.com which you can learn more about above ( a fund 4 portfolio company), I am mostly switching to direct indexing which is a more tax efficient way to index.

When I started investing ETF’s did not exist and we had mutual funds that carried much higher costs.


I am going to get back to much more regular posting about trends and markets as we turn the calendar to December but will continue to add my thoughts in daily posts as I Stand With Israel at the bottom of each newsletter. Today I wanted to share some people I follow on Twitter that keep me up to data on the lives of the hostages and the people the Israeli’s that were murdered by Hamas on October 7th.

Emanuel Miller who writes for Times of Israel and Jerusalem Post has been sharing excellent updates on Twitter.

Here is one hero Eden Mimri - please click and read.

Aviva Klompas has been sharing heartbreaking and uplifting stories from the massacre and war

Have a great day.

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