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Steph Curry - Night Golfing at Grass Clippings

Good morning.

I had a good thrill last night meeting Steph Curry at our Grass Clippings golf course.

Here I am with my nephew Alex Stoken in town from Houston (he works at NASA and I am proud of him) who was dying to see the course (also Al his dad who I can take or leave 🙂 ).

Why i’m so excited about night golf in Phoenix is I knew golf fanatics/celebs would show up randomly to play under the lights.

Steph is in town to play The Suns today and when we chatted he mentioned he heard about the course from an instructor buddy of his on Instagram. He just showed up with a couple friends not even knowing about the lights. Now he knows…

He stuck his shot on 18 to a couple feet for a birdie at 7:30 PM!

In a small world moment, I had just met Steph’s partner Bryant (he and Steph and Rich founded Penny Jar) last week for lunch in San Francisco and we were talking about the new course and league and lights.

Steph of course was so great and we chatted for a bit about the course (he loved it) and how I knew his partners Bryant and Rich and his summers in Toronto (his wife is from Toronto).

I was on really good behavior overall 🙂 .

I almost forgot to ask for the photo which he was so nice to smile for.

I wish Max had been here.

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