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Sunday Reads And Listens... Heroes and Zeros, More On The Seachange And The New World Order of Lists

Good morning…

I do not sign lists and I do not ask people to sign lists. I have my blog/newsletter that speaks for me.

That said, lists are being created right now and sent around the internet. I am not signing any of them or starting any of them but I have seen some related to banking and venture capital.

One anti-semitic list circulating (it will be found out which Hamas supporters created this list) is ‘venture capitalists to boycott’ (because they, like me, have been speaking up):

Rich Handler the CEO of Jefferies bank has seen the list and as he says will do everything in his own banks power to boycott the Hamas supporters on the banking side.

October 7 is loudly reverberating around the world in spectacularly evil, heartbreaking, eye opening and predictable ways.

I linked last week to Howard Marks ‘Sea Change’ memo. Do read it. Here is Howard talking on Bloomberg for those that want to dive a little deeper.

We are in a ‘Seachange’ right now. Howard Marks talks about that seachange being a move to investing in credit over ownership and I see additional seachange in how and who we do business with as the world shrinks away from globalization. I wrote a few weeks ago that while software continues to eat the world, higher interest rates eat software margins and risk appetite.

October 7 is an additional ‘seachange’ that will have to be factored into how we do business and who we do business with for the next decade(s).


This image with me from the War in Gaza right now…

While misinformed, hateful, anti-semitic marches are going on on college campuses in US cities right now, Israel is rescuing Palestine from Hamas.

Here are a few heroes that I have been reading about this weekend…


one more…

While for most the world is in a fog, much has become clearer to me. I hope to spend next week sharing more on this in the newsletter.

Hope your Sunday is good.


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