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Sunday Reads And Listens - Nvidia, My Prostate., Night Golf, Richard Lewis and Japan at All-Time Highs

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Good morning.

We are on our way to New York for the week.

Before I get started…one thing I have noticed recently is how much people do trust what I have to say.

I am very careful what I write here and how I express my ideas, especially around stocks and markets. I know people follow and listen.

I also try to stick to subjects I am immersed in so as not to sound like a ‘talking head’.

Recently I have been joking about ‘my prostate’. In every conversation/Zoom I bring it up when someone asks about how I am doing. I dive into the minute ofmy prostate and the Apple health app that measures it’s temperature and diameter etc (no it does not).

While I do it for a laugh and to break the ice, 100 percent of the people just believe I am a prostate expert because I am old and might have prostate problems.

I always have to explain that I am kidding when they ask ‘really?’ or ‘I should tell my dad’.

Just a friendly reminder for those surfing social apps and Chat GPT’ing all day that the internet is a cesspool of ‘experts on everything’ and a reminder to be careful who you are following.

There is no such thing as information overload…only filter failure.


There is no theme to my links today.

First up is Nvidia, which is relentlessly pushing to be the largest company in the world (now number 3). They have a Chat GPT product out in the market and you can click through to read about it. It seems like this would be very disruptive.

Richard Lewis was a legend and he passed this week. He will be missed,. This best of Richard Lewis on Letterman is fantastic:

While I do not use Reddit, I am excited about the IPO. It is a massive website and internet bellwether. I am particularly interested in their data business. because Stocktwits has a same business model for its community and 16 years of activity. The Napkin Math team dug into the AI training side of the business.

Charlie does a great job as always with ‘The Week In Charts

Two that stood out…

Japan’s stock market has finally, after 34 years, reached all-time highs. Think about that happening with the S&P or Nasdaq…

and, Amazon replaced Walgreens in the Dow:

Next up…night golf. You have heard me share my bullish thesis for a year, now our Grass Clippings course is getting rave reviews from users everyday. My Golf Spy visited the course and had this to day in their piece: ‘Prime Time: Why Night Golf Could Explode in Popularity.’

Finally, Packy has a good post out tiled ‘Why Venture Capital Is The Best Asset Class’. Here is a/the chart explaining:

Have a great Sunday.

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