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Sunday Reads And Listens - Prepare to Be Hacked And Owning a Smaller Home, An AMC On Your Face, and AI Consumer Apps

It Is SNUG Time

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If Fred can be hacked…so can you. Be careful what you click.

Speaking of being hacked and in Fred’s case, web 3 and wallets, Chris Dixon of A16z has a new book which I am reading (Stocktwits makes an appearance in the book) titled Read Write Own

If you are a fan of the internet and the future it is a great read.

This podcast Chris did on ‘Pirate Wires’ was excellent as well (click on it) …

I was speaking to my friend Anish at A16z who was leading fointech and now mostly doing consumer and he was telling me that even in consumer, the firm is mostly focused on AI.

Of course I asked him what is interesting and he shared their AI deck which is titled ‘today’s luxuries, tomorrow’s commodities’. I like that…mainly because that is how I think about things today, especially The Apple Vision Pro.

Anish shared two consumer apps he says are growing in popularity, which happen to be about mental health and well beiing. The first is Pi.Ai. The second is Rosebud. It might be worth sharing with your kids.

Next up…

Homeprices are coming down! But, the reason is homebuilders are building smaller homes. Prepare for the era of SNUG.

Speaking of SNUG, Ellen and I converted one of the bedrooms on Coronado into a SNUG media room. I had no idea there was a term for this, but since it costs so little for a 90 inch television and a SONOS and a couch, any small room can be a SNUG and incredible movie room.

Just 10 years ago people spent hundreds of thousands of dollars outfitiing a movie room. Today, you can outfit a SNUG room for under $10,000 depending on the furniture. But, if. you buy a Apple Vision Pro, you have a SNUG movie room attached to your face!.

Speaking of SNUG…again…Michael Parekh calls the Apple Vision Pro an AMC Theatre on your face in our ‘Trends With Friends. A Snug Room is $3,000 and goes with you to any room in the house. Listen to the first 8 minutes of our show to hear him share his anecdotes from wearing and using the product.

One last link…

Have a great Sunday.

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