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Sunday Reads and Listens - A Refresher Course in Venture Capital and Angel Investing...

Happy Sunday...

I slept in a little bit.

Last night Ellen and I finished our binge of Fauda Season 4 which was great. They must have a season 5 already in edit. They teed it up nicely.

The Chippendale's show (great cast) was also excellent on HULU. We finished that this weekend as well.

I also got a good ride in yesterday.

This morning, I wanted to share a bunch of old links about being an angel investor and a venture capitalist.

I get this request all the time so I dug up some old pieces from around my networks.

Our fund, Social Leverage, made an investment in Hootan Rashidifard's fund and he had a great post about his 'Investment Framework' and 'Criteria'. Everyone new and old to the business will benefit from a read of it.

You can't make a list about angel investing and venture capital without a few links from Fred Wilson's archive. Here are just a few:

In this post is one of the most important points about being a venture capitalist...

Compare and contrast that with a venture capital firm. A venture capital firm is in business to make money for its investors. They must invest in things that they believe will make money and they must be able to rationalize and explain their investments and their investment strategy.

The 10 years leading up to 2022 made too many people think venture capital and angel investing were easy. At the dawn of this period, Fred wrote a post about the previous ten years and how hard it was to be a venture capitalists and how tough it was to beat the public markets. The best investors know how hard it is and respect the math.

My good friend and incredible investor Roger Ehrenberg has so many excellent posts on investing. He is probably the person I have co-invested with most over the years and has invested in every Social Leverage fund and company I have started. This one from 2010 is timeless on how to 'syndicate' a deal.

Brad Feld is another great venture capitalist who has been prolific writing about venture capital the last 20 years so you can go through his 'venture capital' archives here. I will ping him later for his favorite posts and add them here when he shares.

I was lucky to catch the angel investing and venture capital bug from the right people at the right time. I do not take that for granted and never will.

Have a great Sunday.

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