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Sunday Reads And Listens...A Pause That Refreshes...A Few Days Off From The World Moving Fast

The award-winning film, THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE, is now available globally on Apple TV, Prime Video, & Fuse. It’s easy to get rich online. It’s even easier to lose it all.

Watch the trailer on YouTube and see the full film today.

(I was an Executive Producer)

Before I get started…

The documentary I executive produced has never been more relevant. I never, ever thought we would see a memecoin boom like we say just a few years ago, but here we are. The main character in our documentary tweeted that his Robinhood account is now back above $1,000,000.


Good morning…

I took a rare two days off in a row on my blog/newsletter here. No writers block, just the opposite actually. Too many ideas and cool things happening that I just needed a few days off to rest.

I had a great few days with my son Max up in LA and at home on Coronado for his spring break.

Earlier last week, I pinged My friends Scott and Ron to take Max and I golfing at Riviera and they hosted us for a great afternoon walking, talking and golfing.

I really have not enjoyed playing the game the last few years but do enjoy watching Max play. On the practice range, Max took pity, grabbed his iPhone and made some basic setup changes that really helped me play at a level that was enjoyable. He shot 74 and I shot 85. Here we are on 18 (we both piped drives down the middle), and as a group, and me on the 18th tee with Larry David’s house in the background. I was tempted to hike up and knock on his front door but chickened out…

Larry David’s house in background of 18th tee at Riviera

I love this shot I took of Max and Ron walking up to their wedge shots into the par 17th par 5…

One of the joys in my life is that Max has these incredible friends that I enjoy spending time with having dinners and golfing and Max loves hanging out with mine.

We had a great dinner on Thursday night with my friends Brian Norgard (and his daughter) and Jim Payne who have known Max a long time. We also ran into Fred Wilson at Riviera who was playing with some friends that I know well and it was fun for Max to see Fred who took Max for his first round way back in 2019..

You are here for the Sunday links so here are a few…

While EV stocks get pummeled, Elon proves again he could give a rats ass about ‘free speech’ and Twitter becomes more dreadful, Elon has safely moved to space for his generational fortunes. Space X is crushing according to experts.

I use Linkedin more and more - the opposite of twitter and Instagram - and not just because I am CEO of Stocktwits again. Now, they have added gaming, which makes sense.

The PGA Tour is a disaster of a major sports league and while making fun of LIV Tour basically admits it will become LIV Tour every chance it gets. My son max says LIV is growing on him. The kids know..

My friend Charles who is a young Bitcoin maximalist since forever penned a rare piece updating his thoughts now that Bitcoin hit more all time highs.

On the Social Leverage front, I love when our portfolio companies woirk together. This week, Tixologi is powering the tickets for the 4,000 tickets for The Grass Clippings first major event in April 19 and 20. It will be incredible golf and a raging party. Buy a ticket here.

In my personal investing portfolio, Trident Coffee opened it’s 3rd store - this one in Pacific Beach and it is beautiful. Ellen and I visited it yesterday and sat with the founders to catch up. They also launched this amazing ‘Instant Cold Brew Coffee’…

Have a great Sunday.

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