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Sunday Reads and Listens...Is Google A Goner?

Good morning...

We have been hosting my son Max and his friends this weekend which has been fun.

I have a bunch of interesting reads this week so I will get right to them.

Benedict Evans gives a yearly deep dive into the macro and strategic trends in the tech industry. Here is his 2023 presentation.

Back to back Ben here with this piece 'How To Lose A Monopoly'.

Every week there are new AI productivity hacks for different jobs and here are some that you can use as a venture capitalist (I will be testing these out myself).

I love a good brand and $FIGS is a great brand. They are the $LULU of doctor and nurses clothing. This interview with Trina the founder and CEO is great.

Ben Thompson's 'Four Horsemen Of The Tech Recession' was a good read.

My friend Om has a great newsletter. You can subscribe here. This week he asked 'Does Google Need a New CEO'.

I have some thoughts on $GOOG and Robinhood and AI and the markets and I share them now weekly on a YouTube show called 'Trends With Friends' with Phil Pearlman and JC Parets - two great friends that love chatting about markets. You can watch this weeks show here on YouTube. It is also on Spotify (audio only).

Have a great Sunday.

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