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Sunday Reflections - Joy, Justice and Sadness

Good morning…

Happy Birthday to my daughter Rachel who turned 26 yesterday. Rachel is in town for a bit working from home and headed on a road trip with a friend this week.

Yesterday, Rachel and I spent the day together eating, running errands for her, catching a movie (Wonka), getting the new iPhone and having a party for her at home with some friends and family . Max is home as well.

We all believe our kids are special so I will spare you the goop. Rachel makes us proud every day. She is a smiler, a giggler, generous, optimistic and hugely empathetic. She is a bundle of joy, but like most people, I am sure she is a bundle of nerves. Such is life. It is difficult.

Rachel sadly now shares a birthday with ‘The Insurrection’. She reminded me of that yesterday and I wondered what has happened in the three years since. Here are the stats:

It has taken three years but a lot of justice has been handed down.

This morning, January 7th, it has now been three months since the massacre by Hamas in Israel that started a war. Rachel and I always chat about that and I try and keep her updated from my network and what I am gleaning.

The way I see it…

Israel is DESTROYING Hamas.

There are many (too many) people in the United States that think Israel is not winning or will win this war against Hamas. Those people are wrong.

This war is cruel, it is brutal and I can’t comment on ‘justice’ because it is a war not a trial. Justice will be debated and served in the years to come once the war is over.

This take today seemed about right…

Lee from London has been in Israel since the war started and said this yesterday which rung true to me…

The world of haters and anti-semites know (and will deny) why Hamas will never release the hostages, something Israel knows too and why they will not relent on Hamas until they are beaten…

Hamas does not play by ANY rules.

That is Israel’s nightmare but also Hamas eventual undoing and demise.

Israel is fighting this war for people like Amit…

Have a great Sunday.

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