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Taking A Breath...The Second Order Banking 'Backstop'/'Bailout' Crisis Effects Are Coming...

Good morning…

First off…welcome to all the new blog readers. There are a few thousand new regular readers of the daily bog. I love Beehiiv - the email platform I use for my blog and email. Social Leverage is a seed investor and we love using and investing in the companies whose products we want to use everyday.

I am going to spend a few days writing about the recent panic. I plan to have Greg Garrabants the CEO of multi billion dollar bank Axos Financial (never took TARP money in 2008 and a strong bank still today) on the ‘Panic’ podcast next week as well Gary Zimmerman the founder of MaxMyInterest to better dig into this current banking crisis from all sides. Gary from Max was on my podcast back in 2020 during the COVID market panic discussing the same.

I am still getting used to Phoenix not switching time and having a 3 hour time difference with West Coast. I almost always get out my daily email by 9 am EST but I am going to be less of a stickler about what time a day my email gets sent.

Today was the first time in years I slept in past 7 AM PST (yes I woke up twice to pee) and on Monday I missed an interview at 6:45 AM PST for Sirius business channel because I slept in to 7 AM.

Part of the reason I am sleeping in is I do not trade stocks and hardly watch the markets in the AM anymore. For three decades my brain has been wired to be up at 5 AM PST to just write and read and work.

I say it often here, but I am so fortunate to be an investor full time. I consider what I do angel/seed investing but I am ok if you lump me into being called a Venture Capitalist.

This afternoon I am taking a breath in the best place I know how to…Coronado. I really liked venture capitalist Tomasz Tungus take on same. For founders he advises:

Have a great day.


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