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Trends with Friends...For Serious Investors With A Serious Sense of Humor

Lean In With Stocktwits, Lean Out With Trends With Friends

Good morning..

I have launched a new site for ‘Trends With Friends’ which includes our new logo and designs. Have a look…

The actual website will be live April 1 and it will be much more than a podcast.

The media landscape has been in a massive shift since WWW 1.0 and today we are seeing the shift accelerate with layoffs and shutdowns.

One person I have taken great inspiration from, is Bari Weiss and her media startup The Free Press. She was ahead of this trend in what I call a move to ‘common sense’ or what she might call the center. The far right has lost their mind/soul and the far left is gross/despicable. If you think I am wrong, you are in the minority, just the loud minority.

One other signal of the growing ‘center’ is John Stewart’s return to his old show. He’s no dummy. His comedy was a disaster on Apple TV. Today he comes back to his old platform with double the group size to harpoon. Biden, Olberman, Rashida as well as Tucker, Musk and Fat Nixon. Shooting comedy fish in the barrel.

The ‘center’ as I think of it in business is growing as well. I used to only be disgusted with Goldman, CNBCq and hedge fund asshats like Ackman. Now the ‘apes’, Fintwit scammers, crypto bros and Discord bots and scams are thriving. At the same time, hundreds of millions of global invrestors have been onboarded to trading, investing, have seen theirt first bubble and crash and would love common sense/good investing advice.

By launch in April, you will hopefully have a much better idea of how I am thinking about Trends With Friends. I am also working with the team at Stocktwits on a refresh of the design and brand. I am excited for people to see how we use the data and integrate the lean in style of Stocktwits with the lean back style of investing discussions and content on Trends With Friends.

Have a great Friday.

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