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  • TwF — “Investing is the professional sport for thinkers” | Anthony Pompliano

TwF — “Investing is the professional sport for thinkers” | Anthony Pompliano

Trends with Friends EP. 68

This week we’re joined by Anthony Pompliano (Pomp) — a crypto and media entrepreneur and technology investor with a massive following on Twitter. Pomp is also the host of a popular podcast, The Pomp Podcast, and writes a widely-read newsletter, The Pomp Letter. We cover:

  • How the pandemic and government actions have reshaped financial markets and the economy

  • Why long-term holders in volatile assets need to maintain a strong stomach for both gains and losses

  • Advantages of being a conservative investor in a degenerate economy

  • The importance of pattern recognition and intuition in investing

  • The role of entertainment and performance in the finance industry

  • The changing landscape of private and public markets

  • Why mentorship is crucial in the investment world

  • The integration of crypto into the public markets and the interest of Wall Street in cryptocurrencies

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(00:00) Welcome banter

(02:53) Is NYC back? And a look back at the pandemic

(07:09) Market volatility, and why you need a strong stomach

(09:28) Degenerate investments: nurture vs. nature

(11:13) The grift economy

(13:50) Mr. Wonderful: asshole, jerk, or nincompoop? 

(17:25) The Fed’s response to Covid

(20:17) Ties are back 

(23:04) The Public Market Pivot

(33:33) Changing market trends and the impact of recency bias

(36:00) The importance of mentorship in investing

(40:47) Investors on Wall Street are no different than crypto degenerates 

(44:29) The integration of crypto into public markets

(50:47) Apple, Tesla, and consumer discretionary

(54:37) S&P 500: Weighting of top 3 holdings

(58:17) Bull markets: The past, present, and future

(01:00:03) Investing is a sport

(01:01:44) Tesla: Selling puts

(01:04:00) Stocktwits Chart Art 

(01:05:26) Apple speculation

(01:09:30) Shoutout to boring investors

Big Thank You To Our Guest

• Anthony Pompliano (Pomp) - https://www.anthonypompliano.com/

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• Production and Marketing - https://penname.co/ 

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