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Vicious Traps...A Little More Humility Would Be nice

More Humility Please - Midjourney

Good morning…

Yesterday was one of those long New York days of meetings and long walks and a late night meal. The temperature was perfect.

It was the first time I ever sat in Gramercy Park. My friend Steven lives on the park and he gave me the short tour and we sat and caught up.

As we walked the park, we passed Matthew Broderick talking with a friend and it took every bit of restraint not to sit down and introduce myself and say a few lines from Ferris Bueller.

I love New York. I am mad at myself for not being that annoying old Howard.

Morgan Housel has a great post titled ‘Vicious Traps’ that you will enjoy. The gist:

There are times in nature when two plus two equals ten – when two little things combine to form one huge thing.

A little cool air from the north is no big deal. A little warm breeze from the south is pleasant. But when they mix together over Missouri you get a tornado.

Two calm water currents are not a problem. But if opposing currents meet, you get a deadly whirlpool.

Bleach and ammonia are common household products. Mix them together and you get lethal chloramine gas.

In each case it’s easy to underestimate risk – or at least be surprised at what happens – because the initial ingredients seem harmless. The idea that two innocent small things can combine to form one big dangerous thing isn’t intuitive.

This same thing happens with personality traits.

The right balance is knowing what you’re good at and not being afraid to say it while being just as eager to share what you’re not great at.

Read the whole post.

The last financial/technology boom has created so many ‘false’ investing prophets. The more I hear them, the more I focus on my own humility. It has been a good exercise.

Have a great day.

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