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I Won't Be Fooled Again...

Good morning from Coronado…

I got out of Phoenix on Tuesday before Max and four of his buddies from the PGA program at UNLV got to our home in Phoenix to make it their headquarters for Phoenix Open week.

I love that Max loves the game of golf, the industry, the products, the science, the fashion etc… In 2024, there is so much opportunity right out of school to work directly in the industry and build a career.

In my teens and early 20’s back In the 1980’s, I loved golf, but pursuing a career in golf was not something that even crossed my mind. If I planned on being anything ‘professional’ it was to be a lawyer, a doctor, a banker or a CPA. My parents did not even pressure me, but it was all around me in my peer group and their families.

Thank goodness for the internet and my spirit to flee Toronto for Arizona.

Speaking of the internet…I have YouTube on the brain again after watching The Good Good Golf tournament played at our Grass Clippings course the other night. The tournament was held ‘under the lights’ Monday Night Football style.

On a Tuesday night there were 90,000 plus people live watching the incredibly well produced tournament.

Good enough that The Golf Channel ran highlights of it…

Now that I have the CEO lens back on again at Stocktwits, I look at everything internet and business a little differently.

I have written here how big a mistake I made personally not investing more of my personal media time in YouTube versus Twitter was my biggest time/energy mistake of my working career, and seeing the livestream last night drove that home again. All my spare time right now is thinking about YouTube and Spotify and email as I think about the future of Stocktwits as a media brand and of course our portfolio companies.

Our funds investment in Beehiiv and my personal time investment in moving my Wordpress blog to Beehiiv to switch from having a ‘homepage’ on a blog to a ‘homepage’ that was focused on email and a newsletter was a great decision that is shaping how I think about media as well.

The intersection of the social ‘follow’ and ‘like’ and ‘subscribe’ to the personal connection and relationship from ‘email’ is a massive one that is just beginning.

Have a great Friday.

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