Back In New York

Good morning…

I had a really great time in Miami (South Beach) seeing family, portfolio founders, friends and LP’s.

I was invited by my friend Jan Van Eck to kickoff the Van Eck LP meeting that he now holds ahead of the Bitcoin conference. Jan (on the right) and I had a great discussion about the investing landscape. Jan runs the $80 plus billion Van Eck firm (mutual funds and ETF’s) and I have had hm on the ‘Panic’ podcast late last year.

Yesterday I came up to New York and am helping Max get settled for the summer in Long Island. Max is working at Seawane golf club on Long Island and is really excited to be in the city and have it at his fingertips for days off. My friends are his friends and last night we had a fun dinner with our pals Jim Payne and Micah Gantman at Balthazar in SOHO.

Today Max is shadowing me at some meetings. We will also get some shopping in before heading to Central Park later in the day to play pickleball.

Have a great day.


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