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Panic with Friends - My Anti-Portfolio...Honoring The Companies I Missed

Panic with Friends – Investing for Profit and Joy

In this episode, I’m back in the hot seat again while my producer Knut grills me on what I’m calling my 'anti-portfolio'. Bessemer Ventures created the 'anti-portfolio' in an educational and humorous way to 'honor the companies they missed (their list includes Ebay, Facebook and Fedex). Previously I've discussed details on Wallstrip and Stocktwits. Both of those episodes answered a lot of the questions I've been asked over the years.

One of the questions I’m asked most often as an investor and entrepreneur is, “Howard, what’s your biggest mistake, your biggest miss?” I’ve been investing in startups for a while now – so it’s a splendid idea to finally share them in a format where everyone can learn from my mistakes.

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For more details on today’s conversation read on below…

What's Howard Panicked About? That I may never see a good deal again.


Show Notes:

  • Introduction. (00:33)

  • Knut’s biggest mistake (01:39)

  • The anti-portfolio (02:10)

  • Getting asked to dance (03:57)

  • Setting the stage (05:01)

  • First miss (06:26)

  • Network Effects (10:20)

  • Lesson on valuation (12:51)

  • The next big miss (14:21)

  • Making the same mistake (16;00)

  • Another big miss (17:51)

  • The lesson learned (24:58)

  • Wrapping it up. (26:38)

  • Closing thoughts. (28:18)

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