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  • Panic With Friends - Pranav Kanade - Moving from TradFi to Web3 and Building a Digital Assets Alpha Strategy

Panic With Friends - Pranav Kanade - Moving from TradFi to Web3 and Building a Digital Assets Alpha Strategy

Panic with Friends – Investing for Profit and Joy

In today’s episode I’m talking to a friend of mine, Pranav Kanade, who happens to work for another really good friend of mine, Jan van Eck. Pranav was in the financial industry for a while, and like many, went down the crypto rabbit hole a couple of years ago. Jan, who’s a good friend, mentor, and a legend in the financial industry, went down the crypto rabbit hole himself and has been forever trying to do a Bitcoin ETF — doing the good work of dealing with the red tape and corralling the regulators.

Jan’s tasked Pranav with building a crypto fund; and I’ve been trying to learn all this since forever, so I wanted to check in with Pranav. The year 2022 was one of the most wild, fraud-ridden years in financial history, with a technology and crypto bear market/crash – so I wanted to get Pranav's take and find out how he’s positioning the fund and himself. Let’s learn together as new entrepreneurs and investors continue to build out the future of the web. Enjoy!

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Guest: Pranav Kanade

Profile: Portfolio Manager of VanEck Digital Assets Alpha Fund

Where to Find Him: LinkedIn, Twitter

What's Pranav Panicked About? How expensive my Starbucks is.


Show Notes:

  • Introduction (00:38)

  • Welcome Pranav (04:50)

  • 2022 Crypto deleveraging (06:34)

  • U.S. crypto regulation outlook (08:29)

  • Which layer needs regulation? (09:08)

  • 2023 outlook for crypto (10:05)

  • The crypto ‘bottom’? (11:04)

  • Underlying tech (11:36)

  • Transitions take time (14:43)

  • Stablecoins (15:57)

  • Tim Cook owns crypto (18:56)

  • Self-custody assets (20:43)

  • Venture funding (24:06)

  • Genius of Bored Apes (27:28)

  • Potential NFT use case (29:30)

  • Coinbase web3 wallet (31:22)

  • Dealing with liquidity (32:35)

  • Moving from web2 (33:02)

  • Speculation became community (35:04)

  • Incentivizing tokens (36;52)

  • The inflection point (37:44)

  • Picking the right blockchain (40:02)

  • Building on Polygon (41:31)

  • Micropayments (44:24)

  • NFTs for artists/creators (52:56)

  • Wrapping up (54:17)

  • Closing thoughts (55:53)

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