Price Is All You Need

The award-winning film, THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE, is now available globally on Apple TV, Prime Video, & Fuse. It’s easy to get rich online. It’s even easier to lose it all.

Watch the trailer on YouTube and see the full film today.

(I was an Executive Producer)

Good Friday morning…

Our movie ‘This Is Not Financial Advice’ is a hit on it’s first day in the public domain and we climbed to #6 on Apple. Thank-you and please keep downloading and sharing the link to the mobile on Apple so others will do the same. You can download it on Apple from this link. Please do make a positive review as well if you liked it.

You can also watch it for free on Fuze TV and buy/rent it on Amazon Prime, Google Play and YouTube.


I rarely post the interviews/podcasts that I do with other people that ask me to have them on their shows.

But, Eric Golden says I was very funny in his interview that he did with me for his popular podcast called ‘Making Markets’ so I will make an exception. Here is Eric’s backgrounder on what we talked about:

It’s impossible to summarize Howard’s resume, but he’s best known for founding StockTwits and as a private and public market investor. We start this conversation with a hilarious story of his early career at CBS. We then talk about a variety of other topics, like saying no when Fred Wilson brought him the Twitter deal, his investing philosophy, the degen economy, and a lot more.

Have a great Friday.

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