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YouTube is The Best Acquisition Ever and It Keeps Getting Better For Google

Good morning…

Great morning if you own Google…which the Lindzon’s do (a top holding of ours).

We mainly direct index with FREC.com with our stock market allocation (portfolio company) but we do pick a few stocks as well and I share them here if they are significant like I have over the years with Google.

Last quarter, the market and podcasters hated Google. I said NOT TO WORRY.

The hot topic for haters has been their ‘wokeness’ - meanwhile they fired and charged 28 woke idiots that were displaying assanine wokeness at HQ - and the worries that their AI strategy is weak - I have been calling bullshit on that with the free research that Michael Parekh has been sharing.

Last night and this morning, the market is celebrating their current quarter. The stock is up 10 percent to an all-time high this morning on a huge move and breakout.

Using Finchat.io (portfolio company), I created a chart breaking down all Google’s revenue KPI’s. Here you go:

Obviously, Google is a search company when it comes to revenues, but their cloud business is growing well too.

There has been NO company in history that has made better acquisitions.

For Google, YouTube stands out to me as the best of all time, but you could easily argue Android.

The best thing about Google right now is the disdain for the company.

Most tech bros have dismissed them.

Satya at Microsoft gets all the love.

I like the negative sentiment. More people to pile in later when Google’s AI advantages show themselves within the apps you use daily.

Have a great Friday.


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